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Affordable Carpet Care is proud to offer full service professional carpet cleaning for residential and commercial spaces. We have been a family owned and operated business since 1997 serving Wilson County and surrounding areas. 

We are confident that you will be delighted with the results from our cleaning and we are committed to providing exceptional service with affordable pricing. 

Steam Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs, and Ceramic Tile
We charge by square footage and would be more than
happy to come to your home or business and
measure each room to give you an accurate quote!
​Steam Cleaning of Upholstery
Prices vary, see average prices below.
Pet Urine/Odor Removal
Pet urine/odor is a complex liquid.  Being liquid, it seeps down into the fiber and pad.  If it is not neutralized from the beginning, it will continue to cause damage.  This explains why steam cleaning only is not efficient.  All pet urine/odor removal is priced by area needing treatment.
All pet odor treatment is guaranteed.
Fabric Protection
Priced by area needing treatment.
Water Extraction
We are qualified to remove water from your residence or place of business.  We have all the proper equipment to do so and to dry your carpet with including fans and dehumidifiers. Each job priced on an individual basis.
Moving Furniture
We will gladly move most of your furniture for you to allow us to clean underneath if you wish free of charge! This applies to cleaning jobs only.  We are unable to move any type of electronic due to liability reasons.
Carpet Stretching
Charged per room.  Unable to stretch rooms over 30 foot.  All furniture must be removed from the rooms needing stretched prior to our arrival.